CHERRY HILL – It was about payback, clear and simple.

The Catholic wrestling team against Camden set out on Saturday to demonstrate that it is the best wrestling team in District 27, and achieved this – probably by a wide margin more than most expected.

The Irish wrestlers reached nine finals, took seven of them and were 39 points better than Shawnee, their closest rival, when team points were counted at the end. Camden Catholic scored 233, compared to 194 in the Renegades, who won the match in two matches 41-33 on 2 February.

Camden Catholic has become the district champion in each of the last five full seasons. The Irish won four in a row – the last in the 25th round – before last year’s event was canceled by COVID.

Wayne Rold (center) poses with his teammates, and on Saturday, February 19, 2022, on Saturday, February 19, 2022, the Camden Catholic Team Championship poses with his teammates as well as the 27th District Plate .

“It was hard to be in that room the week after Shawnee,” said Camden Catholics coach Bill Heverley. “And it wasn’t me. These were the guys. They decided they were going to take it up the step, and they did. I am happy for them. They were ready for it. They wanted to win it. “

Five times in the last round the Catholic wrestler from Camden faced wrestler Shawnee, and all five times it was the Irish wrestler who raised his hand. Junior Wayne Rold became the highlight of the evening when he avenged the 7-1 defeat to Nick Coton by beating senior Shawnee in a surprise victory in the 126-pound final.

For his efforts, Rold took with him the medal “Most Outstanding Wrestler”. Charlie Welch of Camden Catholic was named assistant coach of the year, and coach of the year was Kyle Packer of Shawnee.

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