A new financial aid package, which kicks off this fall, could make Rutgers University of New Brunswick free for New Jersey residents who are full-time students with a family income below $ 65,000.

The program also provides a sliding scale that can reduce tuition and tuition fees for students from New Jersey with a family income below $ 100,000.

In total, as noted at the university, the assistance provided through the university will receive about 7,600 students Scarlet guarantee, a “last dollar” program that covers tuition and pay for qualified first- and second-year students. The program also brings together a nationwide program called State guarantee for the gardenwhich offers the same relief to third- and fourth-year students.

The Scarlet Guarantee is only available to students studying in Rutgers-New Brunswick; similar programs, called “Bridging the Gap” and “R-UN to the Top,” already exist at two other university campuses in Camden and Newark, respectively. The New Brunswick campus did not have a program similar to the Scarlet Guarantee, which was deployed to attract and retain high-level students enrolled in campus undergraduate programs, as well as increase income for students receiving $ 100,000, said Vice Chancellor Francine Conway. The state garden guarantee limits the total gross income to $ 80,000.

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“The criteria for admission to NB are strong scholars, and those students who have strong sciences were competitive for other universities and would just leave because we didn’t have the opportunity to support them. This gives us the opportunity to retain these students. New Jersey is a very talented place when it comes to students, ”Conway said.

For the 19-year-old Bayonet resident and first-year student Des Walker, the two programs together could mean free education down to the last dollar until she graduates in 2026. Walker said she is a novice playwright majoring in journalism and media studying at Rutgers University in New Brunswick and the first in her family to enroll in a four-year college.

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