It’s time to crown the swimming champions.

Eight of the best participants of Saturday’s election competitions qualified for the finals of the championship. The next eight reached the consolation final. Swimmers cannot pass between finals.

Comprehensive relay: 1. Cherokee (Angelin Bui, Lydia Palmer, Abigail Zane, Heather O’Day) 1: 43.41 * (old record: 1: 44.72, Cherokee, Saturday); 2. Westfield (Claire Logan, Emily Constable, Abby Bebel, Erin McKinney) 1: 44.44; 3. Mount St. Mary (Olivia Chow, Julia Meissner, Sophia Latini, Catherine Meissner) 1: 46.35; 4. Ridge (Emily Van, Emily Thompson, Tracy Lou, Julia Beverini) 1: 47.16; 5. Immaculate Heart (Cornelia Fox, Sydney Severini, Kayla Rodriguez, Isabella Pikinich) 1: 48.3; 6. Moorestown (Jane Mansukani, Maddie Waggoner, Briana Babichi, Emily Blaskovich) 1: 48.59; 7. Egg Harbor (Katie Carlos, Riley Cornell, Kayla Nguyen, Olivia Evans) 1: 49.18; 8. Mother of God of Mercy (Isabella Rossi, Scarlett McGlinchy, Lana Davidson, Isabella Vale) 1: 49.7; 9. Kinelon (Samantha Benzia, Zoe Davis, Anna Kilpanen, Charlotte McNamara) 1: 48.17; 10. Maurice Knowles (Caroline Weldon, Sofia Yusuf, Bailey Rynkevich, Tara Viarda) 1: 48.27; 11. Princeton (Tracy Liu, Annie Zhao, Beatrice Kai, Courtney Weber) 1: 48.74; 12. Newark Academy (Claire Wong, Maya Lily Nohler, Laura Kim, Megan Lai) 1: 49.04; 13. Robinsville (Angela Brown, Emily Walczynski, Megan Dera, Ariel Bernard) 1: 49.59; 14. Woochang Hills (Charlotte Holliday, Madeline Goret, Shay Bundanis, Mia Uku) 1: 50.17; 15. Chatham (Nicole Sim, Alison Barton, Delaney Moynihan, Flora Jeng) 1: 50.75; 16. Hadanfield (Maria Jelig, Liliana Kubal, Olivia Hogan, Molly McDonnell) 1: 50.82.

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