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З The battle for confirmation of the Supreme Court on the horizon, surprisingly few Republican leaders have given the time, energy, and attention needed to challenge President Biden’s candidacy, which – if confirmed – could deal a serious blow to America’s rule of law for generations.

Even as Russian-Ukrainian conflict continues to dominate the cycle of political news, Republicans must be careful not to let the impending Supreme Court brawl go unnoticed.

Judge Ketanjie Brown Jackson is speaking after President Biden announced her nomination to the Supreme Court on February 25, 2022.
(AP Photo / Carolyn Kaster)

Following Judge Stephen Breyer’s announcement of his retirement in February, Biden nominated Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson – a progressive favorite with disturbing legal experience and well-documented loyalty to the left – will take his place in the High Court.

BIDEN’S SUPREME COURT COMMENT – AMERICANS deserve answers from Ketanji Brown Jackson

When the Senate begins approval hearings on Monday, every Republican who cares about the rule of law, the independence of the judiciary and fights for the interests of the American people must do everything in their power to oppose Judge Jackson’s approval.

While some establishment-minded Republicans may think, Jackson’s nomination raises several serious reasons for concern.

As for the appointment of judges, Democrats do not even try to obey the impression of fundamental constitutional rights or will nominate lawyers who make informed constitutional decisions. Jackson is the latest example of this trend: based on all available features, Judge Jackson will serve not as a neutral interpreter of the Constitution, but as a reliable stamp for many of the most valuable political goals of the progressives.

As reported by NBC News, “Jackson fits well into the agenda of the Democratic Party and the Progressive Movement.”

Thus, Republicans in the Senate must see Jackson as she is: a politician in a black robe, whose main role in court will be to advance the radical agenda of the Democratic Party and undermine any remnants of equal justice under the law.

Since Breyer announced his resignation, a number of far-left advocacy groups have urged Biden to view Jackson as Breyer’s replacement. As reported by NBC News, “Jackson fits well into the agenda of the Democratic Party and the Progressive Movement.”

Although Jackson strangely (and almost certainly dishonestly) claimed that she did not develop a “view” of the “living Constitution” – a progressive theory that the written words of the Constitution have no fixed meaning – her summary clearly puts it the living constitutionalist of the camp and its previous legal decrees constantly favored progressive priorities.

Since Jackson’s appointment as federal judge, she has blocked Trump administration’s executive orders to bring federal officials to justice (a decision that was unanimously overturned by DC Circuit), thwarted Trump’s ability to deport illegal aliens and forced former White House lawyer Don McGann to execute Democrats in Congress.

The leftist propaganda group also praised Jackson for her refusal to use terms such as “illegal” and “foreigner” in her immigration decisions. Perhaps most disturbing is the fact that she supported a program that established clear racial preferences when concluding government contracts, giving the impression that she was a student of the left-wing identity politics regime.

Also, as Ed Whelan wrote for the National Review, Jackson “is not highly regarded as a judge” and “has an amazing record of repealing DC Circuit – including liberal judges – in his resonant decisions”. This model shows that Jackson is vulnerable to problems based on merit its decisions and legal acumen, not just its political leanings, are a worrying sign for any candidate for the Supreme Court.

Jackson also defended terrorists detained at Guantanamo (including the alleged Taliban leader) in a way that was described as “zealous” and “ideological.” And on top of all that, before being appointed federal judge, Jackson was part of a briefing given by abortion groups, including NARAL, in support of the so-called “buffer zone” around abortion clinics that sought to impede the rights of American advocates for life, to peaceful assemblies.

In an age of high technology and suppression of free speech, should Americans – especially those who are committed to life and other conservative views – really believe that Jackson is defending his rights to the First Amendment?


After the shameful hysteria of the left during the hearings on the allegations of judges Brett Cavanaugh and Amy Connie Barrett – in which they slandered Cavanaugh as a serial rapist and suggested that Barrett has no right to serve in court because of her Catholic faith – no A Republican senator should in any case be inclined to support Jackson, who, unlike Trump’s nominees, is almost universally considered a party instrument of the radical left without any respect for the Constitution and the rule of law.

As a former Acting Attorney General of the United States, I have witnessed serious threats to the collapsing constitutional order of America. For decades, the left has perceived the Supreme Court not as an independent custodian of the United States Constitution, but as a mini-legislature whose sole purpose is to pursue extreme policies that the American people do not support.

Judge Jackson is a perfect example of this dangerous vision: because Democrats know that their far-left policies cannot win the popular support of the American people, they must rely on the veiled radicalism of candidates like Jackson to legislate their Marxist policies. bench. Therefore, every Republican in the Senate must do his best not only to emphasize its radicalism, but also to resolutely oppose its assertion.


Now is the time for strong, resilient and courageous conservatives who will fight for the values ​​that underlie the conservative movement and the American political tradition. If members of the United States Senate vote to confirm Jackson’s appointment to the country’s highest court, they will deal another devastating blow to American law and order and constitutional jurisprudence.

For this reason – and for the sake of our nation, its values ​​and the sanctity of its laws – every American should hope that they vote “no” for its confirmation.


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