TRPP, Pennsylvania (WPVI) – On Monday, a procession of officers escorted the bodies of 33-year-old Martin F. Mack III and 29-year-old Branden T. Sisko from the Gift of Life program building.

Two Pennsylvania servicemen were beaten and killed by a possible drunk driver less than 24 hours earlier on the I-95 side. A pedestrian was also killed.

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“They are a bold move on a busy interstate to help a citizen whose life was in danger when he tried to walk the interstate at night,” said Colonel Robert Evanchik, Pennsylvania Police Commissioner. “There is no greater act of self-sacrifice.”

Mack joined the Pennsylvania Police Department in November 2014 and graduated as a member of the 141st Cadet Class. Siska entered the service in February last year and graduated from 161 cadet classes. From January 1, he was chief of the fire service of the Trappe Fire Company.

“Branden has worked with the Trappe Fire Company for more than ten years,” said Trappe Deputy Chief John Bolger. “He was a tireless leader even before he became one of our leaders. He provided the leadership, fellowship and fraternity of our fire department and our community. ”

Tits comes from an ambulance family. His father is the deputy sheriff of Montgomery County, his father-in-law and wife are members of the fire department. Siska and his wife had a baby on the way.

“He was an example to us all,” Bolger said. “Today we grieve and grieve, and we think of soldier Sisak, his wife and family.”

The Gift of Life program says that each donor can save up to eight lives through organ donation and improve the lives of more than 100 others.

Tits and Mack were organ and tissue donors.

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