The New Jersey Supreme Court will not consider an appeal for the Old Bridge election, which means voters will decide who will run for the 4th Chamber Township Council in the March 22 election.

The Supreme Court rejected the application of Democrat Jill DeCar to suspend new elections.

DeCara ousted incumbent President Marco Razzoli from the Republicans last November by 11 votes, but Supreme Court Judge Thomas Daniel McCloskey declared the election invalid, ruling that 27 voters received the wrong ballot and 17 voted.

McCloskey pleaded guilty to the State Department of Elections, saying their nationwide voter database did not meet the boundaries set out in the 2011 redevelopment map, putting voters from odd-numbered houses on one side of Cymbeline Drive in Chamber 2 and even-numbered houses. on the opposite side is Cymbeline Drive, who lives in Ward 4.

DeCar’s lawyers appealed to the Supreme Court to hear the case after Court of Appeal Judge Carmen Messana agreed with McCloskey that some Cymbeline Drive residents had been registered in the wrong chamber for several years.

The Old Bridge is the third election in New Jersey this year.

Republicans won the Feb. 15 election to win a seat on the Maywood District Council. The elections in November were equal.

Voters in South Toms River will go to the polls on March 15 to decide the fate of the November 2020 election race, which ended in a draw. Prolonged court battles and an appeals court, which seemed to be in no hurry, led to this place being vacant for more than a year.

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