KAMDEN – The state Court of Appeals upheld the sentence of a city resident in connection with the robbery here.

A panel of two judges rejected the arguments of 29-year-old Rajhad Kilpatrick, who was accused of the deadly shooting death of 23-year-old Jamir Sims of Camden in October 2016.

Kilpatik pleaded guilty to manslaughter and received 15 years in prison in June 2019, but reserved the right to appeal two pre-trial decisions.

But the appellate ruling acknowledged that the lower-level judge had duly rejected a motion to dismiss Kilpatrick’s statement to police.

The state appeals court upheld Rajhad Kilpatrick's sentence for aggravated aggravated murder in the Supreme Court of Camden.

He also supported the judge’s decision to allow the extrajudicial identification of Kilpatrick by a man who had not witnessed the robbery.

Initially, Kilpatrick was accused of aggravated murder and armed robbery in connection with the fatal shooting of Sims, a resident of the city, on the 700th quarter of Chestnut Street.

The shooting came about a minute after Kilpatik and two other suspects allegedly robbed another man in a nearby location. The robbery victim told police he saw Kilpatik shoot Sims, according to a ruling Wednesday.

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