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Fox News correspondent Benjamin Hall warned on Tuesday about “Angram’s angle“That Russian President Vladimir Putin will” bring out heavy artillery and strike at the people “if he is driven into a corner, noting that it is” his textbook. “

BENJAMIN HALL: The sun is rising today, the seventh day of this invasion, and frankly, there is a great deal of fear as to what it might bring, and that’s because yesterday we saw Vladimir Putin intensify the bombing of cities, residential areas. And he warned his Defense Department warned that this would continue today. Yesterday we saw Putin’s troops remove a well-known landmark – the TV tower in Kiev – and now there is a growing fear that he will retreat and continue this devastating bombing of settlements. Yesterday, they also fired rockets at Kharkiv’s second-largest city, while Russia’s Defense Ministry called on residents of both cities to flee today, saying it was going to strike undefined areas of the city and hit their communications. However, when it comes to the 40-mile armored convoy we are talking about, the one that attacked Kyiv, it has not actually advanced in the last 24 hours. And the American official now states that in fact he is covered by logistical problems, supply problems – lack of fuel and food. And there are more and more rumors that things are not going as Putin expected, and that is why he is doubling down. So he uses his heavy artillery. That’s why he uses his missiles. The death toll, it is constantly growing, as is the outcome. Now the UN says 677,000 people have left in the last six days. At the moment, this figure is increasing by about 100,000 per day. Again, no one knows what they will bring today, but Vladimir Putin in his Ministry of Defense makes it clear that they are going to continue strikes on these cities.

Most likely, Vladimir Putin will be furious, so it’s a feeling that things aren’t going the way he wanted, and if he finds himself cornered, he’ll do what we’ve seen him do for the last day or two, and that should withdraw heavy artillery and hit people. He used to do it in Chechnya. This is his collection of games. If he fails, he doubles.


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