Keith Davis, who has been chairman of the Atlantic Republican Party for sixteen years, will face the challenge of former Galloway Mayor Donald Purdy, according to WPG Talk Radio presenter Harry Hurley.

Purdy is in alliance with the new Atlantic State Senator Vincent Polystin (R-Egg-Harbor), but Palistine is not ready to say who he supports.

“At the moment, I have not officially supported anyone. I appreciate the efforts of Chairman Davis over the past 16 years, but I have heard from many elected officials, club members and county committees that they think attracting more people to the Republican Organization of the Atlantic will help the organization, ”said the New Jersey Globe. “I tend to agree that after the hype of our victories last year, change will continue our dynamic.”

Davis is an ally of Atlantic County Governor Dennis Levinson.

This morning Hamilton Mayor Charles Kane backed Purdy on the Hurley radio show.

“There’s a mood in Atlantic County Republican circles now that it’s time to change,” Hurley said. It’s unusual to say, but Purdy is a strong favorite at this time. As a rule, in the early stages of a phase of competition like this, everything usually goes in favor of the incumbent. “

But Davis said the results of the 2021 election – Jack Chattarelli won Atlantic County, Republicans became county clerks, won 70% of municipal offices and for the first time since 2005 won three seats in the legislature – show that the district organization GOP is in good shape.

“I won’t let that distract me from doing my job this year,” Davis said in response to Purdy’s call. “We’re getting better than ever.”

Chatarelli won in the Atlantic district, gaining 9,241 votes, scoring 11 points, a victory of 55% -44%. In 2017, Murphy scored 8,496 votes in the Atlantic, 55% -42%.

Davis said he was ready to support Chatarelli again as governor in 2025.

“I was in his column 100% and he supported him,” Davis said. “This is the one I support.”

Palestine and Davis have been in opposing camps for years, and they nearly clashed with each other in 2014.

Last year, Davis initially backed former Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian in his post in the state senate after state senator Chris Brown (R-Ventnor) announced he would not seek re-election for a second term. After Palistina, a former MP, joined the Senate race, the Guardian instead switched to the State Assembly.

Last year, Palestine defeated MP Vince Maceo (D-Northfield) despite pressure from funding from the Democrats of South Jersey. The Guardian and Claire Swift, former Deputy Attorneys General, won two seats in the 2nd Legislative District of the Assembly.

Davis has served as county chair since 2005 and spent four years as chairman of the New Jersey Republican County Chair Association. He helped Brown remove incumbent State Senator Colin Bell by giving the Republican Party a seat in the Atlantic Senate for the first time since 2007.

Purdy spent eight years in local government, seven as mayor, before losing in 2017. He was involved in the fight for Davis four years ago, but starred.

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