Trade union mechanic Casey Probus announced today that she will run for mayor of Roway on One United Rahway this year, organizing the June primaries from the Democratic Party against incumbent President Ray Jacobb, who looking for a second term.

“My team and I will transparently reflect the city’s finances and detail the financial plan for the present and the future,” Probus said in a statement announcing her candidacy. “Rahway needs to be more affordable, affordable and viable for current residents and potential residents who want to call Rahway home, for entrepreneurs who want to start a business here, and for guests of our big city.”

Jacobe became mayor in January 2018 when he was then a board member elected interim mayor after the resignation of Mayor Samson Steinman. Jacob ran for full term that year, and won both the Democratic primary and the general election without opposition.

Earlier this month, Jacobe announced he would run for re-election along with three current council members – Jeffrey Brooks, Joanna Miles and Jeremy Mohika – on the Rahway Forward 2022 list, approved by the Rahway Democratic Committee. Probus said council candidates on her One United Rahway list will be known “within the next week”.

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