Why you should get involved

Leave and workplaces create complex legal, regulatory and policy issues for both employers and employees. Chronic illness, the rise of mental health and substance abuse problems, and post-COVID-19 considerations such as the assessment of “distant” COVID as a disability, and telecommuting as a reasonable accommodation, add to the complexities. Solving the problems involves a delicate balance of legal aspects, security measures and employee relations and requires an understanding of the substantive and practical considerations involved in achieving legal compliance.

In this program, practitioners from plaintiff and defense attorneys, third-party leave management service providers, the EEOC, and staff counsel will share legal news and practical ideas on how to manage risk when faced with leave and accommodation issues. Panelists will address trends in law enforcement and law and share practical approaches to solving the most complex challenges in these areas, using hypothetical but realistic scenarios to illustrate and explore best practices for ensuring compliance and avoiding legal risks. The goal of the program will be to create a legislative framework from which pragmatic solutions can emerge.

What you will learn

After participating in this program, participants will be able to:

  • Analyze EEOC and DOL enforcement trends
  • Assess the common pitfalls and practical approaches involved in administering the FMLA and ADA, along with the complex intersection of state leave laws
  • Get tips for managing mental health and addiction issues, including adapting to medical marijuana
  • Identify strategies for managing unique process challenges, including intermittent vacation/short schedule challenges and dealing with uncooperative employees
  • Determine when employers are considered to be on “notice” of the need for medical leave or disability accommodation
  • Consider telecommuting as a smart fit in the post-COVID era


  • Convenient half-day program format

Who should participate

Experienced in-house employment and labor consultants, outside employee and employer consultants, and HR professionals seeking in-depth analysis of ADA, FMLA and compliance-related requirements. Speakers assume that participants already understand the legal framework of both laws.

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