The U.S. Rescue Plan (ARP), a key piece of legislation passed by Congress last year, has provided areas across the country with much-needed funding for post-pandemic recovery.

Princeton Public Schools (PPS) were honored March 29 for the innovative use of the U.S. Rescue Plan investment to support a wide range of programs and resources designed to bring students back to school, meet mental health and learning needs, and plan for student future. instructions, according to school district information.

Deputy Secretary Cindy Martin and her team witnessed PPS programs firsthand to talk to teachers and administrators about how the district uses ARP funds, the statement said.

Martin was joined by Jordan Schiff, assistant commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Education.

During the visit, Marten oversaw several areas supported by ARP, including a science class at Princeton High School (PHS) taught by James Smirk with a focus on problem-based learning. She visited the PHS studio band and discussed the challenges and successes of continuing art during the pandemic. She also visited the PHS counseling office to learn about a partnership with Corner House designed to address students ’mental health issues.

At the park, Johnson Martin visited two early childhood classes where ARP funds support quality transitions for young students, and a collaborative learning class where ARP funds support professional development in this innovative pedagogy. Collaborative learning involves a combination of general and special education teachers to create an inclusive environment for all students.

“It was a pleasure to welcome Cindy Martin and Jordan Schiff to our area,” said Dr Carol Kelly, head of schools. “We are very proud of what our staff has achieved. In addition, I would like to thank Valery Ulrich, PPS Head of Preschool and Special Projects, for her guidance in using this funding to support our efforts for equity and inclusion. ”

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