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candy single and love it. Now, the Grammy-nominated rapper is ready to talk about his journey as a bachelor in a new project, Single life.

To celebrate the project’s launch, Saweetie teamed up with Tennesee Honey, a longtime Jack Daniel’s collaborator, to host a speakeasy-themed event in Hollywood where we caught up with the “Tap In” singer. “I love Daniels because they let me be me,” she says Rolling Stone. (For those wondering how Sweety takes her Tennessee honey, it’s cranberry with a dash of cinnamon; “sweet and spicy,” she says).

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And the grandeur of the event matched its significance Single life for Southey’s career: This will be her first full-length project since April 2021 Beautiful Summer Playlist: Season 1and (probably) the last project before her highly anticipated debut studio album, Music of a beautiful bitch.

What matters to fans Single life is Southey’s reflection on life after her highly publicized breakup with Migos rapper Quavo. They broke up in early 2021 after dating since 2018.

“I’m excited to share what I’ve been through,” Sweety continues Single life. “I think when I was doing that I was more proud of being single. Because I realized that I was growing, I realized that I was rising. And I realized that I am becoming a better woman,” she says. “It was certainly revolutionary. It was heartbreaking. It was sincere. It was a reflection. I’m just a Southie in full transparency.’

In addition to making new music, Southey says meditation has been a key ingredient in her antidote to heartbreak, helping her feel at peace alone. “If you can’t be yourself, I think that’s a reflection of how you feel inside,” she says. “For example, if you have to look to external sources to feel good inside, then I think there’s a lot of shadow work and self-work involved.”

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Sweetie says she had breakthroughs both musically and personally: “I realized I wasn’t writing from an honest position when I first started because I wasn’t as vulnerable. I was very closed, she says. “I was raised to be strong, tough and not to show weakness.”

However, with her new project and upcoming album, Saviti feels vulnerable — and glad to. “I feel very much my own [current] the music is just honest,” she says. “I think my music has grown because of my vulnerability. I accessed that part in my heart and in my mind.”

Music of a beautiful bitch is due out later this year, with The Single Life expected earlier, although Sweetie has no set release dates yet. “She’s coming,” Sweetie says PBM. “She is still in her mother’s womb, I did not pull her out. I want to thank my fans for waiting patiently. A year has passed. Time has passed. I write down the year officially, without a break.”

In the meantime, order a bottle of Saweetie’s Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey at ReserveBar. “It’s delicious, just like me,” she says.

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