Montgomery County, Pennsylvania (WPVI) – Police in Plymouth and Whitmarsh are investigating hateful graffiti found in three cemeteries. Police say the graves are desecrated with painted swastikas and other racial epithets.

Marianne O’Brien’s aunt and uncle are buried in St. Benedict Cemetery in Plymouth, Pennsylvania. Now their common tombstone is marked with an orange swastika.

“When I saw it at my aunt and uncle’s grave, I knew I had to come,” O’Brien said.

Her family members are one of many Polish families who rested here.

She says that on this day, immediately after Russia invaded Ukraine, the crime feels particularly serious.

“Poland was the first country that Nazi Germany invaded in 1939. Maybe so, but a lot of hatred, ”O’Brien said.

Plymouth City Police were called around 6 a.m. Thursday when a passerby noticed graffiti in St. Benedict’s Cemetery on Calwell Lane.

They soon learned that similar damage had been done to St. Matthews Cemetery and Old St. Matthews in the nearby town of Whitmarsh.

Police say they have a clue.

In addition to the hated symbols on the tombstone were written the person’s name and address.

Plymouth City Police Chief John Mirciades said they are not releasing the name at this time.

“Either it was the person who did it, or most likely someone who had problems with someone else. So at least it gives us a remark that we are trying to get some information, ”Mirsiad said.

He also said it was unclear why the hated graffiti was so widespread.

“I am torn between sickness and sadness,” he said.

Throughout the day, people came to check the graves of their loved ones, horrified by the markings.

“It’s a mark of hatred,” said Robert Templeton, whose mother was buried in St. Matthews Cemetery in September. “They express their hatred for it, and none of these people have done anything to these people.”

“It’s awful. I mean, you have loved ones and friends who are buried here,” said Vicki, whose father is buried in St. Matthew’s Cemetery. “And that’s the kind of treatment you get? There’s no reason for that.”

Detectives are looking for any video from surveillance cameras that may be helpful.

Anyone with information on who could have done so is asked to contact a Plymouth City Police Detective by calling 610-279-1901.

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