NEWARK, Delaware (WPVI) – The University of Delaware Police Department is investigating sexual assault that occurred in an Uber car on campus.

The crime, reported Sunday morning, took place in the parking lot of the Reading residence on Haynes Street, police said.

Action News students interviewed said they never walk alone at night and never sit in Uber or Lyft on their own.

The students said the main street is their biggest safety problem late at night.

“I always try to travel with someone else, a friend or even an acquaintance, because it’s much safer,” said student Anna Gala.

Students were alerted by text and email about investigating sexual assault in an Uber car on campus through the university’s alert system.

“It’s definitely a little exciting for the women and girls on our campus and stuff like that,” Rory Bateman said.

Gala said her mom is with her in her Uber account so she can track her travels and receive notifications when she arrives at her destination.

Police do not provide any information about the victim or a possible suspect.

Main Street is limited to bars and restaurants. This is a place filled with students, especially late at night, who often wait to be picked up using a travel exchange service.

Uber says they have not heard from police about the investigation so far and they have not been able to link information about the trip at the time of the sexual assault incident.

The UDPD says it is committed to helping the victims.

For those experiencing sexual misconduct, the UD Sexual Offenses Support Program (SOS) provides crisis support and victim advocacy and is available 24/7 by calling 302-831-1001 and pressing “1”.

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