Michael J. Silva received a lot of support in his application for a seat on the East Ward City Council of Newark, having received the support of the Chair of the Budget Committee of the Assembly Eliana Pintar Marin (D-Newark).

“Michael represents the best that East Ward has to offer when it comes to government officials,” Pinter Marin said.

Pintar Marin is the most influential Portuguese American official in the state in the House, where more than 40% of voters are of Portuguese descent.

“Michael has spent nearly two decades as a public service detective, and his experience of helping members of our community gives him a leg up to other candidates in this race,” the powerful lawmaker said. “I know from my own experience that Michael will work tirelessly every day to ensure that the Eastern Parish is finally given the respect it deserves.”

Silva, a 28-year veteran of Newark Police, faces former Newark Police Director Anthony Compass, supermarket owner Jonathan Siber and Louis Weber, executive secretary of the Newark Alcohol Control Division. Weber is running in the mayoral election of Rasa Baraka.

They are looking for a place for veteran Ironbound Adviser August Amador, who has held the post for the past 24 years.

In 2018, Compass took Amador to the second round. Amador led in the May non-partisan municipal election with 269 votes, 43% -35%, while Siberia won 9% and 8% for Crystal Fonseca. In the June second round, Amador won with 83 votes, 51% -49%.

“I could not be more proud and humble to gain the support of Assembly member Eliana Pintar Marin.” Said Silva. “Throughout her career, Eliana has remained a staunch defender of the East Ward community. With her support, I know we can work together to ensure that the Eastern Parish is given a fair share. ”

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