This may seem familiar: the two quality pitchers were exchanged for each other because they were unable to agree to a contract with their original clubs.

But 50 years ago, on February 25, 1972, this exchange of disgruntled jugs proved to be one of the best deals in Phyllis history. That’s when Phyllis bought left-hander Steve Carlton from the St. Louis Cardinals in exchange for right-hander Rick Wise.

It was the last trade organized by Phillies general manager John Quinn, who spent 28 years as a major league grandmaster. He made it great.

The 27-year-old Carlton had a fresh season with 20 wins for the Cardinals, who finished second.

Wise, 26, was the winner in 17 games with Phyllis, who finished last. In 1971, Wise became the first and only pitcher in major league history not to score and score two home runs in one game.

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