PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – Federal and local officials are expected to hold a press conference on Tuesday morning in connection with the car theft operation in Philadelphia.

Police say the announcement is linked to at least two deadly car thefts: one on February 6 and the other on February 12.

On February 6, George Brischel, 60, was shot dead while getting into a car. outside his mother’s house.

Police say the suspect was taken into custody last weekend in the case of Brischel’s murder. No further details were reported.

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On Feb. 12, police said two gunmen who stole his car on Feb. 12 in the 8100 area of ​​Grovers Avenue killed a man.

There were no arrests in this case.

There has been a surge in car thefts in the city.

In 2021, police reported more than 800 car thefts. As early as 2022, there were about 100 of them – including some victims who shot their attackers.

Outlaw said officers targeted hotspots in January. There is now a task force dealing with car theft.

The press conference is scheduled to begin at 11.00

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