PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – The Philadelphia Motor Show returns to the Pennsylvania Convention Center after a year-long hiatus due to a pandemic.

Karen Rogers, Adam Joseph and Dusis Rogers are holding a special 6abc program from the dealership on Saturday at 7 a.m. to 6abc.

The automotive industry is getting closer to Philadelphia with the latest technology, super-exotics, Hollywood rides, individual cars and classics.

Manufacturers have filled the showroom with the latest models, debuts from Ford, Toyota, Subaru, Kia, Volvo and Hyundai.

Electrified rides
This year’s show debuts E-Track, Indoor Skating and Riding with six all-electric vehicles.

Guests will have the opportunity to ride and feel how the electric car moves, acceleration and information about the infrastructure. The automotive industry is tending to EV with exciting new cars such as the Ford F150 Lightning and Hyundai Ioniq.

The road to the fleet of all electric cars continues, but there are still checkpoints for consumers.

Ride and Drives give the opportunity to pass a test drive

E-Track is not the only trip indoors.

Camp Jeep is back with a new setup to experience the off-road capabilities Jeep is known for, and it all takes place on the floor of the convention center.

Outside, Toyota offers the opportunity to ride on its new Tundra or Corolla Cross, a new member of the Toyota family.

10 things to add to your to-do list
Cars are always the stars at the auto show, but this year there is something to see.

Hollywood Rides returns, covering Bumblebee from “Transformers” and The Mysterious Car from “Scooby-Doo.”

Take the race track with a Ford simulator or check out some of the attractions from the Philadelphia Eagles and 76ers.

The car dealership means a lot to Philadelphia
The Philadelphia Motor Show has been on the city’s schedule for 120 years.

Last year, they were unable to host the show due to a pandemic.

This has not happened again thanks to the Greater Philadelphia Association of Car Dealers. The last major event held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center was the Philadelphia Motor Show in 2020.

This year’s return will bring millions of dollars to the city’s economy, providing much-needed incentives for local restaurants, regional transportation and hotels.

A classic collection like no other
The collection of classic cars at the Philadelphia Motor Show is one of the best in the country.

This year’s Back in the Day Way moves to the Grand Hall, once a Victorian barn for the Redding Railroad, now a beautiful showroom, the perfect place to see cars dating back to the turn of the century.

Custom alley with local car enthusiasts
For the first time the lower level will be called Custom Alley.

And for the first time, Custom Alley will be home to local Philadelphians showcasing their modified rides.

The lower level has always been home to remodeling the aftermarket, but over the course of a year more than two dozen local enthusiasts will be able to show the blood, sweat and tears they have shed in their car.

Fasten your seatbelt – the car industry is changing fast
The advent of electric cars is just one of the main storylines in the industry.

The pandemic, microchip shortages and supply chain problems have led to major developments in the way consumers buy vehicles.

Stock problems have led to problems for dealers, but have also created new ways to buy with a major shift to the digital marketplace.

Matchmakers, matchmakers make me a coincidence at the Oscars.
We asked our matchmaker Nick Kurczewski to combine the cars with some of the characters nominated for an Oscar this year.

What do you think he chose for Tammy Faye Baker of Jessica Chastain or Richard Williams of Will Smith?

He was also looking to hook up Steven Spielberg and Oscar host Wanda Sykes.

The 94th Academy Awards air on March 27 on 6abc, but Nick’s nominations are an early prize in the awards season.

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