PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – Masks aboard SEPTA vehicles as well as inside stations and halls will no longer be needed but are recommended, the transit agency announced Monday night.

SEPTA has issued the following statement on its new policy:

“Masks are not required for entry into force on SEPTA vehicles, as well as at stations and halls. This applies to both customers and employees in these premises. According to the CDC and TSA, SEPTA continues to recommend camouflage in the system.

Also note that under the Philadelphia City Masks Mandate, which went into effect today, all SEPTA staff working in SEPTA offices, neighborhoods and stores in Philadelphia must continue to wear masks until further notice. “

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The announcement came a few hours after a federal judge arrived Florida has revoked the mandate for the national mask covers airlines and other public transportation. The Biden administration has said the rule will not be followed until federal agencies decide how to respond to a judge’s order.

The Justice Department declined to comment when asked if it would seek an emergency suspension to block the judge’s ruling. The CDC also declined to comment.

On Monday, Philadelphia became the first major U.S. city to rebuild Mandate for an indoor mask.

The mandate of indoor masks extends to indoor spaces such as restaurants, museums, businesses, offices, government buildings and arenas.

The city of Philadelphia has not yet commented on the latest SEPTA mask policy.

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