AVENUE PARK, PA – A Pennsylvania high school graduate has more than a million reasons to worry about her academic future: she has been offered a fortune as a scholarship.

– And this every year? Interboro High School Counselor Jasmine Woodson asked, pointing to a figure on one of Brianna Madonna’s scholarship offers.

“Yes,” she replied.

Madonna was accepted into 18 schools and received a scholarship of $ 1.09 million together.

“I reviewed my college essays several times and applied for all the scholarships I could, and when they had a college with honors, I applied to the college with honors,” she explained.

Madonna has a GPA of 4.0. She plays university lacrosse and works two jobs. In his spare time he plays youth sports and, of course, qualifies for scholarships.

“Students think they won’t get them, so there are a lot of scholarships available to students that they don’t know about because they don’t try,” Woodson said.

Although Madonna’s grades are exceptional and her extracurricular activities speak for themselves, she believes she was really distinguished by her essays. That’s where she knew she had a story to hear.

“When someone walks in front of me and tries to talk to me when I’m behind them, I can’t hear a word,” said Madonna, who has genetic hearing loss and admits she hasn’t wanted to wear a hearing aid for a long time.

“I was afraid that everyone would think of me, because not everyone had them, so I taught myself to listen to the teacher so that I wouldn’t have to wear them,” she said.

When she started defending herself, talking when she was having a hard time, and carrying her aids, her academic career went up.

“It just feels like all my hard work has really paid off,” she said.

As for which school will she choose?

“If I had known, I would have done it!” She laughed.

It’s still a million dollar question.

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