Pointing to the “very large” Latino population in the area, along with other immigrant groups, Paulson adds that language, cultural and other needs must be considered when providing assistance.

“How they live their lives, what challenges and barriers they might face trying to access health care and live their daily lives, eat healthy food, be physically active, have access to the medications they need,” he suggests. as examples. “All that health care is about the social determinants of health is actually a reality of people’s lives that has a huge impact on their health and well-being.”

Autonomous emergency department, clinics

Under letter of approval from State Health Commissioner Judy Persicillia primary care family clinic and a women’s obstetrics and gynecology clinic are to operate “on or in close proximity to” the St. Francis campus at Hamilton Avenue and Chambers Street, in addition to a freestanding emergency department .

Other services at St. Francis, including cardiac surgery, are moving to Capital Health Regional Medical Center on Brunswick Avenue, which is currently the only hospital located within Trenton. There are planned “extensive” capital projects, according to a press release.

Press secretary of St told NJ Advance Media that the hospital has been experiencing financial difficulties for years. Trenton officials expressed concern about the loss of a hospital to serve the city’s 90,000 residents.

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