Laurel, Delaware (WPVI) – Delaware police have arrested a former school employee on charges of theft.

On Tuesday, 40-year-old Wade Brian, a former North Laurel elementary school secretary, was charged on two counts of stealing more than $ 1,500.

Last summer, Brian was responsible for incoming Pre-K training and fundraising for pizza at the school.

Police say he stole nearly $ 5,000.

“District officials conducted an internal audit of other financial activities for which Wade was responsible and found that he was taking cash proceeds from the Pre-K training program and only depositing checks into the district’s bank account,” Delaware police said.

Authorities say the school district was warned after checks from the fundraiser failed to clear parents’ bank accounts.

A total of $ 3,198.50 in cash was stolen from the fundraiser and $ 1,775.00 from the Pre-K training funds.

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