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Archbishop Zelinsky renews call for no-fly zone over Ukraine

Archbishop Daniel Zelinsky says the no-fly zone will give people at least a chance to escape.

The mayor of Point Pleasant Beach in Poland will help Ukrainian refugees

Mayor Paul Canitra, talking to us during a break from volunteering, discusses the efforts of refugees.

Children take off their masks when the state-wide term ends, but some districts say no yet

“I could cry, I’m very excited,” said Jennifer Curry, principal of Sandshore Elementary School in Mount Olive on Monday. Masks are still kept in some school districts.

The state controller will check the responsibility of the police

Acting Comptroller Kevin Walsh explains the need for consideration.

Are lawmakers willing to target the labor commissioner?

Disappointment continues in New Jersey over the backlog of unemployment claims.

Ukrainians say evacuation was halted due to prolonged bombing, although Russia has announced a ceasefire

President of Ukraine Zelensky calls for a global boycott of all Russian products, including oil.

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