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Menendez is pushing for measures to reduce the cost of childcare

Senator Bob Menendez has introduced a bill that stipulates that families earning less than $ 213,000 will pay no more than 7% of childcare income.

Concerned about Russia’s latest strategy in Ukraine, Biden’s comments on Putin

U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez says Biden is not calling for regime change in Russia.

How can we track COVID-19 when testing declines?

One way is to test it in sewage.

The survey shows a significant drop in support for face masks, recommendations for social distancing

Patrick Murray, director of the Manmouth University Poll Institute, is discussing the opening of a new poll on current public opinion regarding restrictions, mask mandates, vaccine rules and more.

New Jersey is extending a moratorium on disabling utilities for some residents

Gov. Phil Murphy on Friday signed a bill that would allow New Jersey residents to turn on lights waiting for help from the state to pay for utilities.

Business Report: Biden Proposes Budget That Increases Taxes For The Richest, Increases Defense Expenses

A selection of top stories of modern business.

The pride of the peacocks is sky-high after the historic NCAA race

St. Peter’s University Paulcox ended its session in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship on Sunday, losing to the University of North Carolina Tar Heels. St. Peter’s fans have nothing but pride for their team.

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