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NJ Spotlight News: March 2, 2022 | Video


We offer you what is relevant in New Jersey news, which is important and our understanding. See how the NJ Spotlight News team breaks down today’s top news.

Serious sanctions are approaching a nursing home in New Jersey

Federal regulators have demanded the elimination of serious security breaches by March 3.

Local activists interrupted a rally for arrested teenagers at the Bridgewater Mall

A high-profile civil rights lawyer, others were at the Bridgewater Police Department to demand justice for a teenager arrested at a mall.

Business report: interest rates, large number of employees, focus on Lukoil’s license

A selection of top stories of modern business.

Prescribed burns in the state forest Bass River: watch the video

Firefighters across New Jersey are preparing for what they believe could be an active season of wildfires. Prescribed burns are carried out to further prevent forest fires.

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