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NJ Spotlight News: March 18, 2022 | Video


We offer you what is relevant in New Jersey news, which is important and our understanding. See how the NJ Spotlight News team breaks down today’s top news.

“There is no way back” – the Ukrainian family missed the deadline for obtaining temporary protection status

They left their entire large family on a journey that they describe as apocalyptic.

Cities are arguing about keeping the “lunch pens” menu outdoors

Some oppose saying, “Car parking. Not for restaurants.

A challenging environment for teachers during a pandemic, the report said

Interview with Dr. Linda Reddy, Professor of the Doctoral Program in School Psychology at Rutgers University.

Senator Menendez says suspension of student loan is not enough, apologizes for loan

Some lawmakers want the Biden administration to forgive up to $ 50,000 per student.

The university hospital will receive $ 4 million in federal funding

Funding will also go to nine other hospitals and medical centers across the state.

St. Peter’s is stunning in the first round of the NCAA tournament

St. Peter’s hosts No. 7 seed Murray State on Saturday night in the second round.

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