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NJ Spotlight News: March 15, 2022 | Video


We offer you what is relevant in New Jersey news, which is important and our understanding. See how the NJ Spotlight News team breaks down today’s top news.

Last year they moved from New Jersey to Ukraine. Now they are refugees

Atrein Alein and Tatiana Paladko ran away from home in the suburbs of Kiev shortly after the bombs began to fall.

Hopes for better care now that Trenton needs to get a maternal and child health center

New Jersey ranks 47th among U.S. states in the number of maternal deaths.

Will more drivers switch to electric cars if gas prices continue to rise?

“Some research shows that the demand for electric cars is greater than ever before.”

What is the Progress Report on Equal Pay Day?

In 2020, women in New Jersey earned an average of 82 cents for every man’s dollar earned.

Providing services to families involved in “drug assault”

Members of one family tell how hope sheds light on the most difficult days.

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