The Carolina Panthers lost to the Atlanta Falcons in overtime this weekend, but through no fault of their own.

With his team trailing 34-28 with 8 seconds left in regulation, wide receiver DJ Moore caught an unbelievable pass from PJ Walker for the game-tying game.

In light of the stakes, Moore was understandably buoyant and his emotions got the better of him. He immediately removed his helmet – only to draw a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

The Panthers missed their kick and ended up losing the game in overtime. Afterwards, Moore caught an anti-aircraft gun for his celebration.

None of which he really deserved.

NFL rules clearly state that players cannot intentionally remove their helmets on the field of play.

As video evidence shows, Moore did no such thing:

Once again, overexcited dumb referees cost the team a win. this was not an isolated incident on Sunday.

Something must be done about these officials. They really break the integrity of the game in a way that will soon become irreparable.

The Panthers deserved to win this game this weekend. Moore earned his moment in the sun, and it shouldn’t have been taken away from him with a dumb call.

Josh Allen’s girl provocative Halloween costume should be the story of the weekend. Or Jared Goff’s girl. Not this.

Will the league step in and train their umpires at some point in the foreseeable future so we don’t have to deal with this kind of thing again?

Time will tell.

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