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Activists vow to continue anti-police protests in Paterson

On Tuesday, community members gathered for hours at a city council meeting.

The shooting at the Nashville school is another tragedy for American children

Interview: Michael Anestis, Executive Director of the New Jersey Center for Research on Gun Violence

Warning about the threat posed by Candida auris, a drug-resistant fungus

People can spread C. auris without getting sick themselves.

A man has been convicted of involvement in the murder-for-hire conspiracy against Cadle

16-year sentence for Giorgi Bratsenis, who was hired by a New Jersey political consultant to kill an associate.

Veterans affected by burns, toxins are recommended to sign up for advanced care

VA highlights the new benefits provided by the PACT Act.

The increase in the number of applications leads to serious delays in issuing passports

New Jersey county clerks advise travelers to apply for a passport as early as possible.

Former Starbucks CEO accused of union busting

Howard Schultz hears it from Sen. Bernie Sanders on anti-unionism.

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