Gov. Phil Murphy today sent a letter to President Joe Biden declaring his support for Ukraine during the Russian invasion and said he would be ready to receive Ukrainian refugees in New Jersey if the opportunity arose.

“Last year we were proud of the host The Afghan allies and their families at the joint McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst base, ”Murphy wrote. “We are now proud to participate in welcoming Ukrainian men, women and children who have left their homes in the face of Russia’s brutal and illegal invasion of Ukraine.”

Murphy added that he hopes Biden will give temporary protection status to Ukrainians already in the United States, and allow Ukrainian DACA recipients and student visa holders to defend against deportation.

“We are a state built on the contributions of those who came here in search of a safe haven after emerging from desperate situations, and we will warmly and sincerely welcome the Ukrainians displaced as a result of this senseless invasion,” he wrote. “We are ready and ready to work with your administration to accept and accept Ukrainian refugees into our state.”

Last week, just hours before the invasion began, Murphy called Russian President Vladimir Putin and “Bad, bad, bad dude” and said the state is preparing for future conflict in various ways. As the war began in earnest, the state legislature took action two pieces of legislationwhich condemns Russian aggression, and another that prevents government agencies from doing business with Russia.

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