Gov. Phil Murphy and Lt. Sheila Oliver take part in a non-partisan race on May 10 in Irvington, supporting Mayor Tony Voss and his list of candidates for the council.

Waus faces a challenge from former council member Paul Inman when he seeks re-election for a third term.

“Mayor Waus and the Irvington Strong team were with us during some of our most difficult times during the pandemic,” Murphy said. “They were fighters for the people of Irvington and inspired leaders dedicated to improving the lives of older people, workers and families.”

Incumbent board members Rene Burgess, Charnet Frederick and Dr. October Hadley are also seeking re-election. Burgess is the president of the board.

Last year, Murphy and Oliver scored 95.3% of the vote in his application for a second term.

“Last November, with the support of Irvington voters and the entire state, we went down in history. Lt. Gov. Sheila Oliver and I were honored to get a second term in office, thanks to everyone who volunteered their time, called, knocked on doors, and helped go to the polls, ”Murphy said. “We cannot be more grateful to continue to represent you for the next four years.

Inman barely lost his seat on the East Ward board in 2020 to Sean Evans, who had the support of Waus.

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