Morris County Democrats elected T.K. McCourt, Alice Sharma and Judy Hernandez for the election as county commissioners by organizational line.

Democrats have not won a seat in Maurice County since Douglas Romain was elected freeholder in the 1973 Watergate election.

Two current members of the House of Representatives representing Maurice County, Tom Malinowski (D-Ringoes) in the 7th and Mickey Cheryl (D-Montclair) in the 11th, also received approval from the Maurice County Democratic Committee.

McCourt, a member of the Dover Planning Council, is making his second application for county commissioner. He ran in the 2021 election and received 26,950 votes from incumbent Republican leader Stephen Shaw.

Sharma is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Mount Olive Library. Hernandez unsuccessfully ran for Parsipani City Council in 2019 and 2021

Nine terms, incumbent President Douglas Cabana heads the Republican organizational line for county commissioner in connection with former freeholder Christine Myers and Mendham city commissioner Sarah Neybart.

Incumbent President Tom Mastrangelo, who lost to Republican Congress Maurice earlier this month, has not said whether he will step down at the June 7 primaries.

The deadline for applications is March 4.

Boar took first place with 390 votes, followed by Myers (386) and Neibart (336). Mastrangela took fourth place with 261 votes, and Pecuanco Mayor Melissa Florence-Lynch received 233 votes.

Mastrangela and Florence Lynch were in tune with the Boar. After losing at the congress, Florence Lynch decided to seek re-election to a seat on the Pequanac council.

On the night of the 2020 election, when Joe Biden held Maurice County – he was the first Democrat presidential candidate to win the Republican seat after Lyndon Johnson in 1964 – it seemed the Democrats could kill in a race of freelancers.

Kerry Omar led incumbent President Typhoon Selena that night and for several days thereafter, but after counting the ballots by mail Selena won the election with 12,758 votes, 52% -48%.

Romain, a 30-year-old Democratic winner nearly 49 years ago, won one of three places in Maurice’s freelance holders that year. Republicans Dean Gala, president of the Parsipani Council, and Peter Burkhardt, the current and former mayor of Montville, took first and second place respectively, and Romain was ahead of about 600 votes from freelancer James Plant.

Democrat Brendan Byrne ruled Maurice County that year, and Democrats won one seat in the state Senate and three seats in the Assembly.

Ramon lost the re-election in 197, gaining about 17,000 votes.

Plant remains the last Republican to lose the district race in Maurice.

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