It’s easy to see if at some point during a pandemic you fired people who obeyed taxpayer orders in Trenton like a bunch of old women. Of course – but incorrect (and possible copyright infringement). Only two politicians from New Jersey were marked by real boulders: the governors. Chris Christie and Phil Murphy.

If you’ve been in quarantine for the last decade or so, then the head is normal a small collectible figurine often donated at sporting events. Its oversized head is mounted on springs, hence the name. Bobbleheads come in team uniform or in casual wear (e.g., in a shirt and tie, or in a judge’s robe and with a hammer, in the case of Ruth Bader Ginzburg). They can be seen in all their variety of brilliance National Hall of Fame and Grandma’s Museum.

But Christie and Murphy are just two of more than 20 members of the Garden State Bobblehead Brigade. Bruce Springsteen, John Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora and Frank Sinatra make up the entertainment contingent. There are three retired Derek Jeter (my favorite is where he is tilting the hat).

The Newark Eagles – Baseball team of the Negro League, which played from 1936 to 1948 – represented by seven participants, including Efa Manleyteam leader and the only woman in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Gathering a complete collection of redheads from New Jersey can be challenging. Phil Sklar, co-founder and CEO of the National Hall of Fame and the Grandma’s Museum, should know. He notes that the New Jersey Devils “have been a few … for years.” Princeton University has given Bobbleheads in all or most of its games, including “lacrosse and water polo”. And the teams of the lower league of New Jersey “gave a lot of heads.” That means you’ll be on the hunt for “Lakewood BlueClaws, Trenton Thunder, Somerset Patriots, Sussex County Miners and New Jersey Jackals” – one of the best names in organized and unorganized sports.

There are even non-standard bands, from ballerinas to bridesmaids, through the disco “Stayin ‘Alive”, tilers and magicians. It’s hard to imagine that anyone reading this wouldn’t be able to come up with a few old grannies of their own. Cute is not a prerequisite.

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