A court-ordered recount in Monmouth County after the nation’s largest manufacturer of voting machines, Election Systems & Software (ES&S), admitted to a software error that caused some votes to be counted that appeared to change the outcome of one race in November General Election 2022

In the Ocean Township school board race, a manual recount of ballots in Ocean Township shows Jeff Weinstein by four votes, 3,408 to 3,404, over Steve Clayton.

After the votes were counted in November, Clayton beat Weinstein, then the incumbent, by 20 votes. Clayton took over last month. Clayton lost 119 votes from the November total, while Weinstein lost 95.

Attorney General Matt Platkin has ordered an investigation into the failure of the ES&S system.

Once the new result is certified, the contest will likely return to Supreme Court Justice David Bauman for instructions to remove Clayton and install Weinstein.

Clayton did not oppose a recount, saying only that he wanted a fair recount of all election results.

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