AUDBON, New Jersey (WPVI) – “When we started this, we said that if it helped one mom, we did our job,” Lindsay Croce said. “We are a full-time mother. We work full time. And then we found time to write this book. “

Lindsay Croce and Marcy Chapman became friends through their husbands. With children of the same age they had many joint stages.

“We’re both pretty much suffering from anxiety, and mine really started after I had kids,” Chapman said. “And Lindsay was always my favorite when I had a bad day.”

During the play meeting, the mothers noticed that their children enjoyed reading books together. That’s when they had the idea to direct their anxiety into something creative.

“We’re just starting to come up with these quotes, and it’s just starting to float,” Croce said.

A year later they had a brain child. In February 2022, the book “Sometimes Mom Worries: A Little Book of Great Feelings” was published.

They hope this will encourage mothers and their children to break the stigma around mental health.

“So many people are afraid to get help. And I know myself personally, I suffered for years before going to my doctor,” Croce said. “If we can explain to our kids early on that it’s okay and really okay, I really think in 15 years there will be no stigma.”

Each page of their story ends with a quote: “Everything is fine. Mom will always love you. It is the belief that no matter how much stress, a mother’s love never fades.

To learn more about Croce and Chapman’s book, visit their website.

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