Assembly member John McKeon (D-West Orange) is examining the possibility of a possible application to the State Senate in the newly assembled 27th constituency, which already has two incumbent senators, Richard Cody (D-Roseland) and Nia Gill (D-Moncler).

Members of McKeon’s political team called Democratic leaders to find out if there was a way to get the Senate’s organizational line, even if Cody and Gil remained in the race.

It is widely believed that Cody is the favorite to win an unprecedented 14th term in the State Senate and to extend his legislative career, which began with his election to the State Assembly in 1973, when he was 26 years old.

But McKeon, Cody’s staunch ally, is tired of waiting for the opportunity to rise – and perhaps frustrated that the lower house could be his top post.

The former mayor of West Orange is now 63 years old, and he is now 21 years old as an MP. He twice nominated his name as a candidate for Attorney General, but Gov. Phil Murphy both times elected someone else. He spent several months contemplating Congress in 2018 against MP Rodney Frelinghausen (R-Harding), but dropped out three months after newcomer Mickey Cheryl (D-Montclair) entered the race and quickly impressed party leaders as a strong opponent. v. Frelinghuysen, Chairman of the Appropriations Committee of the House of Representatives.

Meanwhile, McKeon contacted Democratic officials to show his desire to stay in the Assembly in the county, which now includes new ground in Montclair and Clifton.

If the Essex Democrats had an appetite for a new senator – and no sign of that – it wouldn’t necessarily be McKeon.

Essex County Commissioner Brendan Gill, who is a political player in the state and chairman of the municipal party from the Democratic Party of Moncler, may also run for the state senate if Democrats decide not to give their line to one of the incumbent leaders. He can also become a candidate for the Assembly if a seat in the lower house opens.

There is virtually no clear support for Niya Gill, who has served in the Senate since the redistribution of the district in 2001, which put East Orange and Moncler in the same district as Republican MP, Sen. Norman Robertson (R. Clifton).

Indeed, several leading Democrats have said they have received nothing from Nii Gil since the release of the new cards.

Passaik County also has a role to play in this process: 26% of registered Democrats in the 27th District come from Clifton.

Democratic County Speaker John Curry is expected to simply ratify the Essex Democrats ’choice in awarding the organizational line.

However, Curry enjoys a long-term friendship with Cody.

“I don’t think Nia Gil has been to our events in years,” said Pasaik County insider, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “Cody comes to our events.”

Another leader on the new map of the 27th constituency is MP Thomas P. Giblin (D-Montclair). He is a respected figure in New Jersey politics – a second-generation workforce leader, the son of a senator, a former Democratic chairman who served as Essex County freelancer, a surrogate and longtime county chairman – and there is no opposition to his return on the 10th. the term when he wants to run.

And while McKeon is expected to settle for a 12th term in the Assembly, several Democrats have said they will not be shocked if he simply retires.

Democrats have deep lava in Livingston, Milburn, West Orange and Moncler.

While Moncler makes up 26% of the county’s registered Democrats and West Orange 23%, it is not immediately clear whether the municipality has a permanent seat in the legislature.

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