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EXCLUSIVES: Ponte Vedra, Florida. problems ”for the United States and the West.

During an interview with Fox News on the sidelines of a House Republican conference on Wednesday, McCall, Texas, warned of a “strong alliance” between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

BIDEN Warns XI of “consequences” if China supports Russia

“When you go back to the Beijing Olympics, you’ve seen the creation of this wicked alliance between President Xi and Mr Putin,” McCall said. “They defended each other’s actions – that Russia was defending President Xi when he invaded Taiwan, President Xi said NATO was behaving too aggressively and that they would work hand in hand.”

McCall warned that “this is the beginning of a serious alliance that will create a lot of problems, and then you throw Iran and North Korea.”

Minority leader in the US House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy, California, and representative Michael McCall, Texas, media representatives outside the West Wing of the White House.
(Alex Wong / Getty Images)

The Biden administration has expressed “deep concern” over Russia’s “accession.” China. Intelligence officials said the Kremlin had turned to Beijing for economic and military assistance after the February 24 invasion of Ukraine.

Last week, President Biden spent almost two hours in secure video communication with Chinese President Xi, during which he warned of the “consequences” if China “provides material support” to Russia amid its multi-frontal war with Ukraine.

White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, who met with his Chinese counterpart in Rome last week ahead of the Biden-Xi meeting, said the administration “did not see” “China’s provision of military equipment to Russia” a few days after Biden. meeting.

“But, of course, we are watching this closely,” Sullivan said Tuesday. “We will continue to monitor this.”

As for whether China wants to help Russia in its war with Ukraine, McCall said he believes Beijing is “trying to find a way.”

Chinese President Xi Jinping addresses the press after a working meeting at the Olivas Presidential Residence, Buenos Aires, on December 2, 2018.

Chinese President Xi Jinping addresses the press after a working meeting at the Olivas Presidential Residence, Buenos Aires, on December 2, 2018.
(Juan Mabromata / AFP via Getty Images)

“Deception is always a model in China,” McCall said. “They’re trying to find a way to help their ally in the neighborhood without overdoing it and getting retribution.”

McCall said the “difference” between China and Russia is that the United States is “so dependent on the (Chinese) supply chain.”

“Whether it’s semiconductors, medical minerals, rare earth minerals – our economies are too intertwined that pursuing China with similar sanctions that we have with Russia will be much harder to achieve,” McCall told Fox News.


He also warned that China has its own “digital currency” which, he said, “could lead to cryptocurrencies where they can avoid sanctions”.

After Biden’s conversation with Xi on Friday, senior administration officials said “US policy toward Taiwan” has not changed, “and stressed that the United States continues to oppose any unilateral change in the status quo.”

McCall told Fox News that Xi “always wanted Taiwan” and Putin “always wanted Ukraine.”

“I hope that Chairman Xi takes into account the difficulties that are arising in Russia – perhaps this is not such a great idea,” McCall said. “However, I am worried because China’s capabilities far outweigh Taiwan’s, that we need to learn the lessons and mistakes we made in Ukraine and start arming Taiwan heavily.”

Biden’s administrator is “deeply concerned” about China’s “ties” with Russia amid the war against Ukraine, a spokesman said

McCall urged the United States to provide Taiwan with “asymmetric weapons and air weapons to stop any potential invasion.”

“Because, I guarantee, Chairman Xi is looking at it right now to make his calculations as to whether his next step will be to invade Taiwan,” McCall said. “I know that Xi is looking at what is happening in Ukraine and will find out how best to do it.”

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