TINTON FALLS – A high-ranking official in Tinton Falls has spoken out against a plan by city officials to allow cannabis companies to operate in the municipality.

During a meeting of the mayor and city council on March 1, Mayor Vita Perilla expressed his dislike for the possibility of a license and permit for cannabis sales in Tinton Falls.

In December, board members passed a resolution setting out the rules to be followed by individuals and / or legal entities that will seek approval for a cannabis business license.

In Tinton Falls ’form of government, the mayor does not vote for resolutions or resolutions. Only members of the council vote for these actions of the municipal authorities.

In comments made during the meeting, Perilla said potential cannabis businesses would be a burden to the district and lead to negative consequences.

“I keep reminding myself that I went to school,” the mayor said. “No external source is going to conquer the United States. If we lose what we have today, it will be internal and I think this cannabis stuff is almost the beginning. (Enterprises) should not move a finger. All they need to do is distribute drugs for free. ”

Perilla said he would seek to have district attorneys determine if he has the right to overturn the cannabis ordinance and ban cannabis sales businesses in Tinton Falls.

The district council has established rules for potential cannabis sales companies following the enactment of the New Jersey Cannabis Regulation, Law Enforcement Assistance and Market Modernization, also known as A-21.

The bill was passed by state lawmakers in February 2021 and signed by Gov. Phil Murphy after New Jersey voters in 2020 approved an amendment to the marijuana legalization constitution.

State law legalizes recreational marijuana use (also known as adult use) by some adults; it decriminalizes the storage of small amounts of marijuana and hashish (marijuana concentrate); and it removes marijuana as a Schedule I drug (high potential for abuse).

Under a Tinton Falls ordinance, the A-21 has created six classes of licensed marijuana businesses: cultivator, manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, retailer and delivery.

In July 2021, members of the Tintan Falls Council passed a decree banning all six cannabis businesses from operating in the area.

However, the ruling stated that municipal officials intend to lift the ban on cannabis businesses after receiving regulatory guidance from the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission, which they deemed adequate. This guide was later obtained.

The current ordinance states that the district council has identified the cultivation, production, wholesale and distribution of cannabis, as well as its retail sale, are of particular concern and should be allowed in appropriate locations and regulated for the health, safety and well-being of residents. .

Under the terms of the ordinance, cultivators, growers, wholesalers, distributors and cannabis retailers will only be allowed to work in locations south of Pinebrook Road. These types of plants will only be allowed to be used in the MFG production area, the MFG-2 production area and the industrial office fleet area.

Under the ordinance, the marijuana delivery service will not be allowed to operate in any area in Tinton Falls.

However, under state law, delivery of cannabis products and / or materials to addresses in Tintan Falls by a delivery service located outside the district may not be prohibited by municipal officials.

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