Maurice County Commissioner Tom Mastrangelo is planning his next move following the loss of the Republican organizational line at the party’s congress on Friday night.

Mastrangelo, who served four terms, finished fourth in the race for three seats on the Council of Commissioners. Mendem City Committee woman Sarah Neibart defeated him 336: 261.

Now Mastrangelo must decide whether he will continue his claim for re-election, fleeing the line at the June 7 Republican primaries.

“I didn’t make a decision,” he told the New Jersey Globe.

This could mean an alliance with congressional candidates in the 7th and 11th constituencies as soon as party leaders return for a second vote to award organizational positions in this race.

His partner, nine-time commissioner Douglas Cabana, says he will participate in the organizational line along with two other winners, former freelancer Christine Myers and Neybart, former mayor of Mendem.

Boar received 390 votes at the congress, followed by Myers (386) and Neibart.

It is unclear whether the third member of the Cabana Mastrangelo team, Pecuanac Mayor Melissa Florence Lynch, will remain in the race. She took fifth place with 233 votes.

Republicans postponed the convention Saturday morning after more than six hours and delays using new voting machines. They will need to return to the second round between Tom Keane Jr. and John Henry Eisman in the 7th and Typhoon Selena and Larry Cash in the 11th.

Paul DeGruth, a former prosecutor who took fourth place in Friday’s vote in the 11th constituency, has already secured an organizational line in Passock County.

Myers did not seek to be re-elected to the Freehold Council in 2018 after joining President Donald Trump’s administration as an official of the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Primaries were open in Morris County for decades until 2021, when they moved to the organizational line.

The deadline for applications is April 4.

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