CAMDEN, N.J. (WPVI) — Camden City Schools students and staff will be required to wear masks for two weeks after winter break ends.

Camden City Schools made the announcement Wednesday, citing an increase in cases of COVID-19, the flu and RSV.

On Thursday, children happily left Octavius ​​Cato School in Camden for the winter break.

But when they return, masks will be mandatory for two weeks: from January 3 to 17.

“I think it’s safe for the kids to come back with a mask,” said mother Rosa Hernandez. “You never know where they’ve been. So I think it’s safe.”

“Given that there will be a lot of families traveling during the holidays, as well as our teaching staff, we wanted to make sure we put some mechanism in place,” Superintendent Katrina McCombs told Action News on Thursday.

We talked to one parent who didn’t want to go on camera and doesn’t think masks are necessary.

But others we spoke to are on board.

“My kids were out of school last week because they both had the flu. And I have a nephew who just got RSV,” said mother Destiny Woods of Lawnside, New Jersey. “So it’s a lot going on.”

The The School District of Philadelphia will also need masks when students and staff return after the holidays, by Friday, January 13.

We talked to a doctor who said it’s not a bad idea.

“We are seeing an increase in the number of cases in our local health systems and hospitals,” said Dr. Jonathan Galli, an intensive care physician with Virtua Health.

He says he sees patients who come in with multiple respiratory conditions at the same time. He says masking after collection should help.

“We’re not encouraging people to cancel Christmas or not enjoy their family, but I think it makes sense from a public health perspective to take a few extra precautions,” Galli said.

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