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Senator Marco Rubio, R-Fla., Weighed Biden’s response to rising tensions between Russia and Ukraine on “Jesse Waters prime time».

SEN. RUBIO BRAND: Well, I don’t think with NATO there and the US there that it’s going to move to those Baltic countries that are probably the most vulnerable. I think it’s probably too much to gnaw at this time, and I don’t have a problem with some level of growth, but we can’t lose focus on China. I mean, NATO can take care, with some input from us, I think they can prevent that further. We really need to focus on China. This is an important thing because I think China is watching this and if we live in a world where the country can decide, “Hey, this land belongs to us” and give you a two-hour history lesson that is a bunch of nonsense as well then come in and take it, you know, you’ll see how it happens elsewhere. I want to mention one more point.

One of the things that’s happening here is, you know, we were waging war under the Biden administration against oil and natural gas in the United States. We stopped its production. We dealt with it. We are not going to do that anymore, and because of what has happened, it has made Russian oil and natural gas more valuable. This has forced Putin to give him more leverage, and it has actually remained more vulnerable for Europe, us and the world. We have to turn back … this is one of the most important sanctions we can impose now – it’s to announce tonight that Joe Biden has to go on television and say, “I’m lifting all these stupid Green New Deal restrictions, and we will start extracting oil and natural gas so that bandits like Vladimir Putin do not hold whole continents hostage. “


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