Saturday, March 25, 2023
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Large donations in support of Ukraine continue Video


There was an outpouring of support throughout New Jersey to help the people of Ukraine through donations and volunteering on CDs organized by everyone from Ukrainian immigrants to lifelong residents of New Jersey.

Sasha Chmerkovsky organized a donation event called Baranov, 27 in honor of his old address in Ukraine. Hundreds of donations go to Fort Lee, where the owner gave Chmerkovsky a free seat for six weeks, and city officials help unload trucks. Initially, the volunteers worked an eight-hour day, but there were so many donations that he said people might be needed around the clock.

In Clifton, the fire service collects equipment for Ukrainian firefighters. Ukrainian-born firefighter Oleg Skachko said he feared firefighters there might have to work in street clothes. due to reduced supplies of equipment and resources.

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