NEW YORK – The women Clayton eliminated are back, and he needs to face everyone on “Women Tell Everything.” Jesse Palmer promised a very showy and very explosive night. When he introduced Shane, the crowd whistled.

Claire, Kate, Hunter, Jill, Elizabeth, Marlene, Cassidy, Kira, Eliza, Shane, Sarah, Lindsay W., Mara, Sierra, Genevieve, Teddy and Seren were there to confront each other, and of course Clayton.

The drama of the first night
First, the show summed up the night drama with Claire, where she said she hated Clayton. Then the case got into a situation with Cassidy. She continued to steal Clayton to sort it out, instead of attending group rendezvous. It turned into a feud between Shana and Elizabeth, and who could forget the Shrimp Gate? The women were shocked to hear what Shanai said about what she did not regret, as well as what she said at a two-on-one meeting in Geneva. After the clips were finished airing, other women were outraged that Shanae called them fake, and there was a lot of controversy about who was fake. As soon as they started calling each other bitches, Jesse interrupted them. They then turned back to call Claire disrespectful for the way she behaved the first night.

Cassidy’s friend with the benefits?
They got into a drama when Cassidy had a friend with benefits at home, and what she felt confirmed that he wanted to see her after the show. Sierra laid them down for it, and Cassidy said he wasn’t on the side and she had no relationship. She was upset that she was eliminated because of the situation because she says she would make sure it would all end if she ended up getting engaged. Other women thought this indicated that she was not ready to be Clayton’s wife.

Shanae, caused by a group
Lindsay W. said, “With all my heart, F-you Shanae.” Shanae again called them all fake, and there was a group of screams. Jesse told Shane that she could join him in the hot seat so she could join the floor. Shane played the victim again when the women shouted, “Fake scream!” Shane tried to call Elizabeth a bad friend, and Elizabeth said they were never friends and she tried very hard to avoid her, but it also didn’t work. The rest there supported Elizabeth.

Genevieve and Shena in a hot seat
Genevieve then joined Shanae in a hot spot on stage. Shane said that when she was excluded from the two-on-one meeting, she was “sad” and could not eat at home. Shane said that when Genevieve was eliminated, she went home and had a relationship with Aaron from the Katie “Bachelor” season. She said she met him at the bar and didn’t even kiss her. Genevieve said the real situation was that Shene slipped into Aaron’s DM, and when Shene denied it, Genevieve said Aaron sent her a screenshot. Shane then clarified that she was actually responding to his posts, and that’s not the same thing as slipping into someone’s DM. Genevieve said, “Well, he thinks you’re crazy, so stop.” Cassidy told Shane that she wasted time in the hot seat without apologizing. Jesse said they could sit there for a week and nothing would change.

Sarah is in a hot seat
Sarah sat down on the hot seat next to her. They rewrote the beef she ate with Maria. Mara said she didn’t think Sarah was material to her wife. Other women actually supported Mara and said she fell for the sword for the group.

Teddy in the hot seat
Next was Teddy. She cried after looking at the summary of her and Clayton’s relationship. She thought it would end in an engagement, so it was very hard to see everything fall apart. Although she was delighted to get the first impression of the rise, she said it made her low feelings lower. Teddy said she now feels open and ready for love. Then she revealed that Clayton’s brother slipped into her DM! She said she never answered because, “One boy from Echerd in my life was probably enough.”

Calm in the hot seat
Seren said, looking back, she was amazed at how emotional her brother was on a date in his hometown. She also added that despite her fears, she really made herself on the show and she felt Clayton was the right person to do it, although she ended up heartbroken.

Clayton in the hot seat
Finally it’s time for Clayton to face the music. Jesse told Clayton not to worry because he was with him, they are real brothers. He said it was very difficult to watch the show back. He said he made a lot of mistakes, but he did what he thought was best. “I had the best intentions with the actions I took,” Clayton said. They asked him why he believed Shane for them and he said trust comes with time and he really wants material evidence. Lindsay W. said he should “own it like a man” that he got along with Shane because no one forced him to. Other women said they were outraged that they had been sent home earlier than Shana. “I think you confuse love and lust,” Sierra said. She added that she does not think he is ready to get married yet.

He told Sarah he thought she was playing with other women to get them to leave. Clayton said it put him in a bad mental state and then he didn’t trust anyone. Sarah said she initially thought they had a wonderful relationship, but then she sees that in a replay that he stirs the pot. Sarah said she would like him to end their relationship based on what was going on between them, not just what other women said. They talked about whether Clayton was crying or not, and the group again called Sarah a liar.

Clayton told Seren that he doesn’t stop dealing with her because of what she said. He didn’t want her to feel invalid. He apologized to her and said she did everything right. He said he wanted to open up to her, not that she was the person who should teach him that. Seren told Clayton that she was not going to shut herself in, and added that she appreciated his apology. Kira told Clayton that if he was still lonely, she was more attracted to him than ever and she was still alone.

Blupers – with Jesse!
The funniest part in watching the blunders section was when Clayton said they were going to watch Jesse’s resume! They were so funny, and it was great to see Jesse 18 years ago. Of course, they showed a clip where he gives a rose to the wrong woman and then takes it back, ha! That poor lady!

Preview the finale
Clayton is in a real pickle because he is in love with three women, Rachel, Susie and Gabi. He tells all three that he loves them and sleeps with the two on a Fantasy Suite date. All three end up crying, and Clayton’s dad tells him that he alone is to blame. Fuck! It’s going to be a damn finale! Don’t miss the Fantasy Suite rendezvous on Tuesday night!

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