Robert Cowicz refused to nominate Republicans to Congress in New Jersey’s 11th arrondissement and supported Typhoon Selena.

Kovich, a former Ridgefield Park councilor who now lives in Sussex County, never picked up his attempt to take on Mickey Cheryl (D-Moncler), despite the approval of former National Security Adviser General Michael Flynn and Senator the state. Edward Durr (R-Swedsbaar). At the Maurice County Republican convention last week, he received just six votes.

“I started my campaign to be the voice of American greatness, individual freedom and respect for our Constitution,” Kovich said. “Although the results of the recent congress were not what I had hoped for, I believe that my friend Typhoon Selenium is our best choice to fight the Democrats with the passion, message and conviction we need.”

Selenium, Morris County Commissioner, was the best in the Republican organization’s line of voting in Maurice County, but did not win the first vote by 74 votes. He now faces former Kinelon Council President Larry Cash in the second round, where voting begins on Thursday and ends on Friday night.

Another candidate, attorney Larry Friscia, also dropped out after receiving 14 votes at the Maurice convention. He supported Kasha.

“I spent many nights speaking to Republicans on the stage of the debate with all the candidates, and the record and history of the Typhoon is something I respect and embody the greatness of America,” Kovich said. “I think the Republicans will have a chance in November to seize the tough arena and throw on the heels of the AOC and the Pelosi Democrats – we need to unite for Typhoon Selena.”

It was difficult for Kovich to raise money. He raised $ 13,215 for the fourth quarter of 2021 and brought in $ 38,814 since taking part in the race in April. Cheryl, who holds three terms, has more than $ 5 million in cash.

Former Assistant District Attorney Paul DeGruth, who has an organizational line in Passoy County, remains in the race with U.S. Army veteran Toby Anderson

Anderson scored five votes from defeating Cash for a place in the second round. His campaign claimed that certain rules of the convention had been violated, and requested a second ballot in the first ballot.

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