CYPRUS – Municipal officials in Caipart accept applications from individuals and / or legal entities who may eventually be licensed to conduct cannabis sales in the area.

The application for a municipal cannabis license is posted on the district’s website. Individuals and / or legal entities wishing to establish a cannabis business in Cyprus must apply to the district clerk’s office by March 23rd.

According to the application, an initial fee of $ 5,000 is required. Applicants must also submit documents from the district zoning office showing that the proposed site for the cannabis business complies with the Cyprus Cannabis Ordinance and any other municipal zoning and location restriction laws.

Completed applications will be sent to the Cypriot Police Department for verification.

Once the application has been reviewed and approved by the police, the district cannabis subcommittee will review the application and make a recommendation to the district council as to whether to issue a license or deny it.

According to the application, the cannabis subcommittee will interview the applicant as part of the review.

Following the consideration of the cannabis subcommittee, the applicant will be invited to make a presentation to the city council and members of the public and answer the questions raised.

The Hemp Subcommittee will make recommendations to the applicant at the next district council meeting.

The issuance of a municipal license for the cannabis business will depend on the applicant obtaining a state license and complying with all relevant state and local requirements as required.

Following the adoption of the A-21, a state bill that legalizes recreational marijuana use (also known as adult use) by some adults, the council passed a decree establishing a place in Cyprus where cannabis companies will be allowed to operate, and standards. under which cannabis business operators can obtain a license.

Under the ordinance, the A-21 has created six market-class licensed marijuana businesses: cultivator, manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, retailer and shipping.

Under the Cypriot Guidelines, retailers and cannabis delivery services will be allowed to operate in the Commercial Highway Zoning area, in the Industrial Zoning area and in certain areas in the General Commercial Zoning area.

Under the ordinance, two cannabis retailers will not be allowed to operate in the same zoning area.

Under the ordinance, cannabis cultivators, distributors, producers and wholesalers will only be allowed to work in the industrial zoning area.

No cannabis business will be allowed to operate within 250 feet of a licensed childcare facility or apartment building; nor within 250 feet of any public or private elementary school, high school, high school, college, or university; nor within 150 feet of any church, synagogue, temple, or other place used exclusively for religious worship; neither in or in the same premises of the enterprises which are engaged in retail sale of foodstuff or retail sale of alcoholic beverages, according to the resolution.

Cannabis growers and cannabis growers will have to pay an annual license fee of $ 10,000.

The annual license fee, which will be paid by wholesalers, distributors, retailers and cannabis delivery services, will be $ 5,000.

Two licenses will be allowed for each cannabis business.

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