After sixteen years as chairman of the Atlantic Republican Republican Party, Keith Davis will step down on March 25 to take an active role in the new Super PAC, which is being created to help elect Republicans in South Jersey.

“While leaving the presidency is a difficult decision, I have acknowledged that company funding has changed significantly over the last decade,” Davis said. “Super PAC is the future. Democratic special interests have long dominated the Super PAC landscape in our region, and it is time for conservatives of common sense to level the playing field. ”

The new organization aims to compete with the super PACS, run by powerful Democrat broker George E. Norcross III and other Democrats of South Jersey, as the Republican Party finds a new foundation in the southern part of the state.

“Based on our success in Atlantic, this new role will allow me to help Republican candidates win here and throughout our region,” he said, noting that the new role could run counter to his position as county chairman.

Davis said he has been leaving the party in its best form since the 1980s with a Republican head of state, a county clerk, a surrogate, a congressman, a 7-2 majority in the Atlantic County Council of Commissioners and a nationwide legislative delegation covering four districts.

“When I started my position 16 years ago, Atlantic County was a purple county,” Davis said. “But today we are bright red and have a very promising future.”

Republican Vice President Rosalie Baker will serve as chair until the snap election no later than April 24.

Former Galloway mayor Donald Purdy, who was preparing to challenge Davis in June, is seen as the leading candidate to win the spring election.

Purdy is a key ally of State Senator Vince Polistin (R-Egg Harbor Township), who was elected to the open last year.

Republicans are fighting to take control of the counties in Gloucester and Cumberland counties in 2022.

In addition to the election of Palestine, Member of Parliament Donald Guardian (D-Atlantic City) and Member of Parliament Claire Swift (R-Margate) in 2021, Republicans overthrew Senate President Steve Sweeney, Senator Sen. Don Addiego (D-Yvesham) and two longtime Republican collectors from Gloucester County,

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