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Ret. General Jack Keane said “Gannites“On Friday, that Russia is introducing additional troops from the Eastern Military District after a‘ dead end ’in the north.

GEN. JACK KIN: There was a stalemate in the north in the battle for Kyiv, as well as in the battle for Kharkov, so much so that all offensive actions of the Russians in both these areas simply stopped. They are well aware that they cannot complete the siege of any of these cities and introduce their own artillery, which would be the main element to kill the city itself and create devastation there. So what really happens then?

What they are doing is they are deploying more troops from the Eastern Military District. They have arrived in Belarus and are crossing the border with Ukraine. There will be fresh troops, not particularly better than what is already there, to be honest – poorly managed, poorly trained, probably with low morale, not knowing why they are there, but they are going to put them into battle. There is also their best military organization, like the first Guards Panzer Army based near Moscow. They had a couple of smaller items from them in the fight in the beginning. Now they bring bigger items. This is the organization that keeps Putin in power at all costs. Thus, the fact that they involved them in this struggle suggests that they really intend to capture these cities physically. They did not give up.


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