Hand-counting in Raritan Borough, where Democrat Adam Armahiser defeated Republican incumbent Frank DelRocco by seven votes in the Nov. 8 borough council election, will begin Friday, Superior Court Judge Kevin Shanahan said in a ruling today.

If the counting of votes is not completed on Friday, it will start again on Monday.

Council President Nicholas Cara, a Republican, was the top vote-getter with 1,238 votes, followed by Armahizer with 1,215. DelRocca, the grandson of former Mayor Steve DelRocca, came in third with 1,208, and Democrat Joe Kempe came in fourth with 1,184. Armahizer leads the race for an open Republican seat.

Armahizer, 24, is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who served two overseas deployments. DelRocca, 37, works in his family’s tile business.

The DelRoccas have been in Raritan since the early 1900s, and five of the DelRocca brothers served in World War II.

Shanahan is expected to decide Monday whether to hold a recount on the Hillsborough Township Committee, which Republicans won by 43 votes.

Democrats did not oppose Raritan’s recount.

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