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This article is adapted from a video commentary by Joe Concha.

Twitter again breaking their own rules! This time for permission hacked materials ordinary citizens go public.

When we talk about journalism turning into open activity in broad daylight when you teach a class, this situation should be at the top of the curriculum, as Example A.

After all, here we have a simple situation. There are some people who sympathize with them truckers protesting vaccine mandates in Canadian the capital of Ottawa. So they sacrificed what they could. Some are bigger than others. This is how charity works.

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But here you have journalists, primarily Aaron Davis of the Washington Post, who use hacked materials to place in the public domain those who donated to truckers. This is what is called doxing, and the newspaper, which devoutly has a slogan that says “democracy dies in the dark,” allows this to happen along with Twitter, which is arbitrarily selective when it comes to enforcing its own rules.

A protester hangs a flag on top of a truck parked next to another with a sign calling for the imprisonment of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on February 7, 2022.
(Justin Tang / The Canadian Press via AP)

There are now reports that The Washington Post is contacting those who donated less than $ 50 to truckers to ask them why they went for it.

Do you think this is journalism?


Remember that Twitter blocked the exchange The story of the Hunter Biden laptop which was hacked by the New York Post shortly before the 2020 presidential election and even blocked the newspaper’s account.

But now the company is quite good at accepting donors to protest truckers. The new interim CEO of the company is not yet available for comment. He takes maternity leave “for a few weeks.” That’s nice.


So Twitter is now taking the side of the Canadian government and Justin Trudeau. He is a leader who recently stated that any conservatives in his government, including Jews who support truckers, are on the side of the Nazis. Makes sense, right? Percussive work, everyone.

This is another reason why the credibility of the media and Big Tech is coming down to the toilet.

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